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IMX6SL oreo ril porting

Question asked by chandra sekhar on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2019 by Prasanna Kulkarni


We are successfully ported the RIL in KITKAT 4.4.3 where are we are facing the problem in Oreo RIL porting.

We have received the latest RIL libraries from the vendor and ported in the same way as mentioned in there porting guide.

but we are unable to find the network settings and the SIM related setting in the GUI. We have attached the

"$logcat -b radio"  log file to this. We are able to that modem is talking the RIL as AT commands are executing and we are getting the response from the modem.


Is there any modifications we have to do on the BSP to get the network related options in the GUI.

If it is true then tell us the modifications to get the network related settings in the IMX6SL Oreo.


Thanks in advance.