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Very special antenna design

Question asked by Jonathan Frech on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Jonathan Frech

My task is to design a antenna to read a mifare tag.


I try to describe the application:


Imagine a credit card shaped tag, but way smaller (25mm long, 11mm high, 3mm thick). This tag travels trough a tube with 15mm ID. This limits the turn of the card to the Z-Axis. So seen from a 0 degree point, the card can have any particular degree of turn from 0-359 degree.

At the postion of the reader, the card will be stopped, but cannot brought to a defined angle.


The reader antenna must be placed around the tube and has to be able to read the tag in any particular angle of Z.


Which antenna type/shape would be reccomended for this application? Maybe someone here knows about a similar application design.

Any help is appreciated