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LPUART Rx ISSUE with Interrupt

Question asked by Zhang CHao on Feb 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Zhang CHao

Hi NXP Team:


I have a question when developing the S32K LPUART function(interriput enable) with PE MICERO debugger.


In debugging mode,When I do the order of operations as blow,  UART can't work as INTERRUPT cannot be triggered.


1:make brake point-->MCU stop run(external device is sending data)

2:MCU Rx PORT recive the data, but do not any actions as stop run

3:click RUN-->MCU go on running--> but the UART can't recieve data any more

It seems like that LPUART won't work after one failure,except Power OFF/ON or Reset MCU.


Can you give some suggest!!!


Thanks and Best Regards