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LPC51U68 I2S Spec

Question asked by Ian Benton on Feb 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by Ian Benton

There doesn't even seem to be a section for LPC51 yet, so I put it in here.

If I was to connect the device to a codec with several input and output channels, how many can it support?
Reading the manual, it seems to have two instances of an I2S interface, but each is capable of being and input OR an output but not both; so I'd need both of them to connect to a codec with both ADCs and DACs. Is that correct?

Most codecs seem to communicate using TDM with one time-slot per input/output. What is the maximum number of timeslots? It seems from the manual it is limited to 512 bits per sample in total, 256 left and 256 right, so 8 channels of 32 bits, perhaps?