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dmips/mhz of e500v2 and p20xx

Question asked by meijuan zhang on Feb 16, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by alexander.yakovlev

I have already read some knowledge about dmips/mhz of e500v2 and p20xx.

Now, i know the dmips/mhz of e500v2 is 2.4, but the dmips/mhz of p2020 is 1.5.

My question is "the perfomance of p2020 = 1.5 dmips/mhz" , means one core or dual core is runing? 

When p2020 is one core runing, the  perfomance of p2020 = ??

When p2020 is dual core runing, the  perfomance of p2020 = ??