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eTPU function selector doesn't contain SPI function for slave mode. Where can I download eTPU SPI slave mode example?

Question asked by Alexey Besgodkov on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by David Tosenovjan

1) eTPU function selector contains example only for eTPU SPI master mode function. Example code for mpc5777c contains only binary etpu micro-program in the etpu_code array variable and I have no ideas how to change it to adopt eTPU SPI to slave mode. (no pseudo-code or another logic that can be translated to binary code) But it is required etpu spi slave mode api/example. Can you provide me the slave mode etpu SPI api/example?


2)  Also etpu-c spi example for mpc5777c doesn't contain some files mentioned in the readme.txt (fetched form downloaded zip-archive) - util\init_template\etpu_gct.c, util\init_template\etpu_gct.h


3) Document related with eTPU SPI - AN2847 contains the references to the some source code files (spi_ppc_example.h, spi_ppc_example.c, spi_mcf_example.h, spi_mcf_example.c, spi_mcf_example_global_etpu_gct.h, spi_mcf_example_global_etpu_gct.c) that are absent in target zip-files.