Jonathan Valks

Runtime Settings panel missing on Code Warrior DSC56800E v8.2.3

Discussion created by Jonathan Valks on Jan 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2009 by Tom Thompson
I am trying to download a .elf file without a project, which I have built using the command line tools. When I attempt to run I get a message saying:

'Couldn't find the application to launch to start the debug session. Choose the application to launch in the "Runtime settings" pref panel'. The problem is: I cannot find this panel anywhere. The help file suggests it should be under the Target settings group, but it isn't.

I have set the access paths to point to my source code, link files, etc., and the runtime library.

Code Warrior will download and run an elf file created within an IDE project, so I know the hardware and comms are working OK.

The installed Code Warrior version is DSC56800E v8.2.3.