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LPC1765 ISP downloading problem

Question asked by Jeremy Bonhomme on Feb 15, 2019
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We have two board, one with a IMX6 and another one with LPC1765 MCU. We would like to download MCU firmware through ISP mode. MCU firmware is in two parts : an application software (soft A) and a configuration software (soft B). So we have two .hex to download in the MCU at different address (Soft A: sector 0 to sector 18 / Soft B: sector 8 only)


Downloading of softA is always ok. (lpc21isp  -control -try10 softA.HEX /dev/COM_SCREEN 115200 14746)

Downloading of softB is ok only at 19200 bauds with debug3 option. Other case cause a reboot of imx6. (lpc21isp -debug3 -control -try10 softB.HEX /dev/COM_SCREEN 19200 14746)


At 19200, if debug3 option isn’t use, you can notice that the sector 8 is not programmed.

lpc21isp version 1.83

File /opt/centralp/PR3289_V1.1.0_CFG.HEX:


        converted to binary format...

        image size : 36864

Image size : 36864


Synchronizing (ESC to abort). OK

Read bootcode version: 4.2.0

Read part ID: LPC1765, 256 kiB ROM / 64 kiB SRAM (0x26013733)

Will start programming at Sector 1 if possible, and conclude with Sector 0 to ensure that checksum is written last.

Skip erasing sector 0...

Sector 1: Skipped

Sector 0: Skipped

Download Finished... taking 0 seconds

Now launching the brand new code


Anyone has a idea ?