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10 G Issue

Question asked by Avinash Neethi on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by Avinash Neethi

Dear Sir,

               We have made a customised board with T4240 Processor. we are facing Issue in 10G Receiver side Issue. 

we are using kernel 4.17.3.

I have give the diagrammatic representation of our 10G Interface. we have tested 10G through iperf 2.09, iperf 3.0 and nuttcp. In transmitter side we can able to achieve 9.7Gbps but in receiver side iperf and nuttcp both are geting hanged.

If we check the packet count through ifconfig, both the TX and RX side are same. 

In netstat -suv command for the particular 10G Interface, RX side is showing Receive buffer error's.


What can be the issue. In kernel or in DTB side any parameters ha to be customised ?



Avinash N