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LPC11E67 SWD Debug: "Wire ACK Fault in DAP access"

Question asked by Andrew Murfin on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by Ricardo Delsordo

I'm attempting to debug the LPC11E67JBD48 via the recommended SWD connection (from page 75 of LPC11E6X datasheet), from an OM13058 board. 


I am attempting this debug session in a brand new workspace, with the LPCOpen lpcu6x code.  The debug configuration is basically the default.  I have the proper jumpers on the OM13058 board (JP1 jumper connected; JP2 "Ext" pins jumpered together).


This is the main issue: When attempting to debug the following message comes up and puts me into a Hard Fault Handler:


And here is the debug console:


Interestingly, when running the "verify only" script in the GUI Flash Tool, it runs successfully.  If I disconnect the SWD cable, it fails to connect to core.  So it appears it is connecting to the MCU in some way.  Below is the console of the successful "verify only" action:


It is interesting that it fails to see the target is an LPC11E67, not an LPC11U6X, although I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes.  When running these same tests in a separate workspace, it was recognizing the target as an LPC11E67 but it was still having similar failures.  I'm hoping since I am following the recommended debug connection schematics, it is not a hardware issue.


Thanks for any help!