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Frame Rate Problem in IMX8

Question asked by vimal mano on Feb 14, 2019
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I am using IMX8M evk board with the rocko distribution of yacto bsp(kernel version : 4.9.88).

we used the Monochrome image sensor which supports RAW10 format. we configured the sensor at 480MHZ mipi clock for 30fps but we received only 15 fps in imx8.

We probed the mipi lanes and confirmed the sensor output it generate 30fps constantly. we used the following command to check the framerate in IMX8.


    v4l2-ctl --set-fmt-video=width=1600,height=1300,pixelformat=Y10 --stream-mmap

   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 15.23 fps
   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 15.27 fps


Please help me to solve this probelm.


Thanks in advance,