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LPC1769 AHBRAM not work

Question asked by Vasishth Desai on Feb 14, 2019
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I am using LPC1769 with MCUExpresso and LPCOpen library to develop my application. At initial stage of application development the global data/stack/heap etc stored in main RAM(32 KB), but at one stage of my application development, i have identify main RAM (32 KB) has fully acquired, so i have decided to put my application globals/stack/heap etc into RAMAHB32 aka AHBRAM. Consider below stages i have been pass to access AHBSRAM.


  • Simple program (without any initialization) which writes dummy data into AHBRAM by using buffer below
    __DATA(RAM2) uint32_t ram2_buffer[32768/4];
    i have write data into AHBRAM using for loop (counter) and same data has been read successfully for entire AHBSRAM size (32 KB), means AHBSRAM works.
  • If i put some of application globals like below the behavior of app_data variable is uncertain.
    __DATA(RAM2) uint32_t app_data;
  • Now i tried to add my application data to AHBSRAM by change in settings from project->properties->MCU Linker->Manage Linker script and change all possible settings to put application data/heap/stack into AHBSRAM, for compile time console shows percentage data allocated to AHBSRAM. but during run time, it always falls under the exception/hard faults.
  • I have tried to modify firmware_DebugLPC1769.ld file directly to ensure required memory sections are put in RAMAHB properly, then there is no compilation error but still gives run time exception/hard faults.
  • In my application i have use FreeRTOS and create all my application tasks statically and allocate task stack from RAMAHB, then it cames into run time FreeRTOS exception of vApplicationStackOverflowHook(), even i allocate much more amount of memory the task has required.


So any how when RAMAHB is in picture, there always be a run time exceptions/faults. 

Is there any possibility that AHBRAM32 has slower access speed? If so, how to fix it?

If there is some initialization problem, then why the first point works successfully?




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