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FLEXCAN1 Pins assignment indication for IMXRT105/6x on the reference manual.

Question asked by Luca Gotti on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Luca Gotti

On the reference manual of the IMXRT105/6x microcontrollers ( i'm referreìing to 1052 , 1060 and 1064 in particular ) there is a erratic indication of the pinout for the FLEXCAN1 interface .


For example , referring to the i.MX RT1064 Processor Reference Manual ( Rev. 0.1 ) at page 280 the FLEXCAN1_TX is indicated that can be muxed on pin GPIO_AD_B1_08 ( or GPIO_B0_02, or GPIO_EMC_17, or GPIO_SD_B1_02 ) and FLEXCAN1_RX is muxed on GPIO_AD_B1_09 ( or GPIO_B0_03 , or GPIO_EMC_18 , or GPIO_SD_B1_03 ).


However, on the same manual, at page 2564, the FLEXCAN1_TX is muxed on GPIO_AD_B1_09 and FLEXCAN1_RX on pin GPIO_AD_B1_08 : they are pratically inverted respect to what declared previously ...


The MCUXpresso Config Tools 5.0 software indicates the FLEXCAN1 pinout as indicated at page 280 of said reference manual.


Can NXP confirm that the user manual has an error on page 2564 ?