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Sometimes EPDC NOT generate output single

Question asked by huang zhanfei on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Diego Adrian Cuevas

Hi all;

I'm porting E-ink display on Android-8.0 with imx6sl, Kernel version 4.9.17.

the main E-ink panel configure:
● P5N pixel format
● 8 SDCLK per pixel
● 16bit width SDDO

Android UI frame data is RGB565 and will be converted to 8-bit gray pixel by PXP,
now I found a strange problem, each pixel data feed to EPDC with the lower fourth bit set (e.g. 0B0011 1111) , EPDC will NOT generate output single,I have checked by ,
oscilloscope, screen no change, but when i try clean the lower fourth bit (e.g. 0B0011 0111), EPDC act correctly, have output single and screen updated well..

Does anyone tell me what's wrong with this?


Best Regards!