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Where is my code downloaded to on LPC1820 which is a flashless part?

Question asked by Richard CHEN on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Richard CHEN

Hello, I have a question on how the code downloading works on LPC1820 (a flashless part). In my configuration, I used a 512KB external boot prom to host the firmware for this processor, and I am using Keil IDE to debug it. My question is where on the processor my code gets downloaded to when I debug it? Usually the code will be downloaded to the internal flash of the MCU and MCU resets after the download to execute the code from the flash, since LPC1820 has no internal flash, where doe my code go and how its debugging work??


My speculation is that the code is downloaded to SRAM within LPC1820, then the debugger is modifying the shadow register so that the above SRAM can be remapped to the address 0x00000000, can you confirm? How can I read the Shadow register for this purpose?