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I2C library config for LPC1769

Question asked by Javier Nakama on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Hi I'm making a project with an LPC1769. I'm trying to make a pulsioximeter using a MAX30100. This device is an optical sensor with an adc that transmit the data that it sense using I2C (and much more but this is the important part). So I'm trying to config the I2C of this divice with my LPC1769, I downloaded a lpcopen library from another question post that has an example of how to use the I2C in a LPC1768. So I search for the datasheet of the LPC1769 and its seems that the pins that the I2C uses are the same, so i think I dont have to change anything from the I2C1Init function from i2c.c (I will just use the I2C1 pin 19 and 20).
Well the question is that I don't know which things I have to pay attention and which not in the library, for example I know that I have to change the adress of the divice (which I know is 0xAE ) and some values for the externs (I2C Master and Slave Buffer , and read and write length) which will depend in the way that my device sends the data, but I dont know if I'm not considering something important.

The lpcopen library is attached in this post.

Thank you for your help and time


Kerry Zhou