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Problem importing 10.2 project into 10.3, updating to SDK 2.5

Question asked by E Engineer on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Daniel Chen

I upgraded to MCUxpresso 10.3 and SDK 2.5, then imported a functioning 10.2 (SDK 2.4) project (via a zip archive). It built successfully. I then decided to "refresh" the SDK to 2.5 as I wanted to add the DAC.


SDK manager complained about missing dependencies for "debug_console" and "serial_manager". I checked those two boxes and tried again. After approving the changed files, the project failed to build. It would not find #include "serial_port_uart.h" and of course I could not find any trace of that file.


I found a few mentions of "serial_manager" in postings here, but I could find any actual documentation of "serial manager" to debug this further. The SDK API reference manual contains a section on "debug_console" but nothing on "serial_manager", despite the fact that they are both at the same level under the SDK manager. Could someone please point to this for the next time I need to debug something with it?


After several hours reading posts and re-reading the 2.5 docs, I stumbled on a note in the SDK release notes:

8.7 Create new project without board template The following components should be selected at the same time when creating a new project without using a board template, including serial_manager, serial_manager_uart, debug_console, and one UART adapter (lpuart_adapter for LPUART IP, uart_adapter for UART IP, lpsci_adapter for LPSCI IP, etc).

This says nothing about importing projects, but indeed by choosing serial_manager, serial_manager_uart, debug_console, and UART adapter (only one was listed for me) and updating again, the project then built.


Since it seems highly likely that importing projects from 10.2 to 10.3 will be a common task, it seems additional effort should go into making that a seamless process, or helping when it doesn't. Maybe someone will find this info and it will save them some time.