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PN5180 LPCD mode instructions

Question asked by Moises Reyes on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by IvanRuiz

Hi there,


I am currently trying to send the chip PN5180 to LPCD mode (auto calibration) from an active mode (card reader poll mode).


As MCU i am using a MK81 processor which send the instructions via SPI bus to the NFC chip. The IDE is MCUExpresso IDE v10.2.0_759 with the NXP library NxpNfcRdLib_5.7.0.


Until now I was no able to find any complete sample code to fulfill this task.


Now I will show you what I have done and the source code related to this matter.


1- The registers mentioned in the data sheet related to LPCD mode are already set. The values readed from chip, (to proof it), are shown now.


      ADDR = 34 -> 0x01

      ADDR = 36 -> 0xff

      ADDR = 37 -> 0x05

      ADDR = 38 -> 0x00

      ADDR = 39 -> 0xf0

      ADDR = 3A -> 0xf0


2- The source code, used to send the chip PN5180 to LPCD mode (auto calibration) from an active mode (card reader poll mode), is given now.



phStatus_t Cl_SwitchMode_to_LPCD()


        phhalHw_Pn5180_DataParams_t *cl_pDataParams;

        phacDiscLoop_Sw_DataParams_t *cl_SW_pDataParams;

        phStatus_t status = PH_ERR_SUCCESS;                                    //BP_1

        uint16_t cl_wakeupCounterInMs = 1000;                         


        /* Set the generic pointers */

        cl_pDataParams = phNfcLib_GetDataParams(PH_COMP_HAL);

        cl_SW_pDataParams = phNfcLib_GetDataParams(PH_COMP_AC_DISCLOOP);



        /* Read and print registers values from EEPROM */

        CL_get_LPCD_EE_Values(cl_pDataParams);                                 //BP_2



        /* Enable LPCD Mode*/

        status = phacDiscLoop_SetConfig(cl_SW_pDataParams, PHAC_DISCLOOP_CONFIG_ENABLE_LPCD, PH_ON);

        if(PH_ERR_SUCCESS== status)


                PRINTF("LPCD_Mode Enable \t-> \tOK\n");                        //BP_3



        /* Switch to LPCD Mode*/

        status = phhalHw_Pn5180_Instr_SwitchModeLpcd(cl_pDataParams, cl_wakeupCounterInMs);

        if(PH_ERR_SUCCESS== status)


                PRINTF("Switch_Mode instruction \t-> \tOK\n");                 //BP_4



        return status;




  • Do you see something out of the place or something missing?
  • Do you have a procedure instructions step by step to achieve this task?
  • Until now, I have found sample codes where the instruction "phhalHw_Pn5180_Instr_SwitchModeLpcd()" is not used, so that is why I am confuse, becouse in the data sheet they mention it as a crusial part of the process.


Please, I am in a hurry so your help is very appreciate.


Many thanks in advance and have a nice day.