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MCUXpresso peripherals config tool: mis-match FLEXCAN callback generated prototype and driver code

Question asked by Jeffrey Rosen on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by Lukas Heczko

I seem to have hit a bug in the Peripherals config tool.  When I try and use the tool configure and initialize the FLEXCAN module using "Transfer" mode and if I select "Initialization of transfer callback" and enter the Transfer function callback name of "flexcanCallback", the tool creates the following prototype in peripherals.h:


    * Callback functions
    /* FlexCAN transfer callback function for the FlexCAN_1 component (init. function BOARD_InitPeripherals)*/
    extern void flexcanCallback(CAN_Type *, flexcan_handle_t *, status_t , void *);


but in fsl_flexcan.c the driver's call is as follows:


/* Calling Callback Function if has one. */
    if (handle->callback != NULL)
        handle->callback(base, handle, status, result, handle->userData);


Notice that the prototype has 4 parameters, but the actual call has 5 arguments.  I manually edited peripherals.h to add uint32_t parameter between the status_t and void* (4th position).  Then my code compiles and runs fine.


The KSDK shows up in MCUXpresso as version 2.4.2 and manifest version 3.3.0.  MCUXpresso is version 10.2.1_795.


Is this a bug, or have I failed to keep MCUXpresso in sync with my installed SDK?  What should I be doing to avoid this type of situation?