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MCUxpresso project & IRQ does not work i.MX8mq

Question asked by Ladislav Sopko on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by CarlosCasillas


There are several days that I'm trying to make any IRQ work, but no way!.

I'm using MCUxpresso 10.3.0 with SDK_2.5.0_EVK-MIMX8MQ.

I can run almost all examples, without no problem, except I try to do some IRQ handler with that IRQ enabled. It just goes in Hard Fault. What is strange, not even Hard fault handler can do something. SO I started to examine IRQ vector in startup_MIMX8MQ6_cm4.c file. It is apparently all OK, But I can't find any connection with M4 IRQ table from manual: IMX8MDQLQRM.pdf  chapter 7.1.3. 

Then I found in the same SDK under gcc folder file startup_MIMX8MQ6_cm4.s.

It has IRQ vector almost corresponding to documentation. I did try to use this instead of another file, but there are some link errors, so I need to examine it more deeply, cause one is in assembler and one in c.

I attach both those files, cause it seems to me that .c version which is used in MCUexpresso es file for all generated project seems to me as not correct. In my small opinion, this is a bug.

I have fully functional ENET driver port for M4 done, now I'm doing FreeRTOS integration, and now I need activate ENET IRQ, but I'm stuck on Continuous Hard Fault. I did try with anything, but nothing goes. And I didn't find any example of how to go over.


Any help will be appreciated.