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Device tree setup for BCM4339 (brcmfmac)

Question asked by Marija Stojanovska on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by Romit Chatterjee



Currently we are trying to enable wifi on iMX6ULL board via SD1 using Murata 1CK module (BT+WiFi) with V2 Adapter as interconnect. For this board we are using a customized BSP using the linux 4.19-rc4. I am trying to use the brcmfmac driver instead of bcmdhd.


I am curious if anyone else has worked and found a solution on the device tree setup for BCM4339 with the brcmfmac driver.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions / feedback.





wifi; bcm4339 wifi_module brcmfmac murata1ck murata imx6ull-evk