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Re: Arm Cortex A5

Question asked by Zubair Mohiuddin on Feb 11, 2019

Hi All,

1. I am using HALO mac57d5xx from NXP. I have checked the datasheet of this chip but i don't understand  about the power consumption of A5 core in specific... I have measured the increase in current of the HALO processor after enabling A5 core from the default M4 core. There is increase of 40 ma, can someone please comment on this.

2. And i don't understand why memcpy function is taking more time when executed in A5 core which is running at higher frequency (320Mhz) compared to M4 core running at lower frequency (160 Mhz)... Could someone please comment on this.

I tried with lower frequency for A5 core too, but the result was same....

Thanks in advance.