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Basic Help Required: Can not erase flash from M52235EVB

Discussion created by Chris Ross on Jan 14, 2009
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Thank you for taking the time to look at my problem. Hopefully it's something really easy to fix.

I bought the M52235EVB kit a few months ago and it has been sitting on my desk waiting to be played with. So I've finally come to start the embedded development side of my project and run in to a problem straight away.

I am unable to erase the flash from coldfire chip, which also means I can't download my code. I've tried both through codewarrior 7.1.1 and CF Flasher 3.1. The board is working and might as well be new from the factory, I can access the default website at and communicate via the UART port.

Below is what happens when i try to erase the flash using CF Flasher 3.1

Set 'Target Configuration': M52235EVB
Set 'BDM Communication': PE_USB_ML
Everything else as default.

When i click erase it says "Erasing Sector 0 at address 0x00000000".
Then after a short time, an box pops up saying "Error: Timeout during erase algorithm"

If i cycle power to both the wigger and the board it goes back to the default state and I can access the webpage again.

I think it should work from here, so please let me know what i'm doing wrong.

M52235EVB board

I think all the jumpers are in the default positions.

Thank You