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New to Lpc51u68

Question asked by Andy Ho on Feb 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Andy Ho


I am new to use nxp mcu, and I have a lpc51u68(om40005) board, after some study and demo code compare, I still have some questions, and hope can get help here,thanks.

1. I plan to implement a gamepad device for PC , like Xbox/ps2, have some buttons and joysticks, so I check hid mouse example code, but no gpio/adc related  code in it , even pin is not defined? How to combine them correctly? So can anyone provide a example as a base?

2. There are some tools and resources but confuse me, like lpcscrypt,lpc open, mcu boot loader...what are those for? Or only lpcxresso is the only tool I need? 

3. From my previous project using pic18, they provide a USB loader for image update, but I need another USB to do it on om40005, how to do it using 1 USB only in lpcxresso, and what is the manufacturing tool for Flash new image without 2nd USB? Or there are alternative way to flash? Ex. Mass storage

4. Simple question, all example code initial debug serial, but I can't see any output from onboard uart, ex, shell example, even select uart debug before run demo. How to make debug serial work and how to wire,


Thank you