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GCC files -> GHS compilation possibility? where to focus ?

Question asked by Lakshmi Kanth on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Lakshmi Kanth

Hi NXP Community,


I have a query regarding re-usability of code from GCC/GNU in GHS MULTI IDE. 


Description: I would like to use S32DS REV-1 (for generating code for few necessary modules of MPC5777C). 

   - As S32DS REV-1 doesn't support GHS Plugins currently (because of eclipse-neon), I would like to generate code using existing GCC itself and use those files in GHS Project for compilation. 

- Please give me clue on where I shall be careful in doing so i.e  gcc generated files being compiling with GHS Compiler. 

- I'm aware of #pragma and stuff. Still would like to listen from experts for some quick check list. (Ex: I would like to configured MPU Module (using S32DS_GCC) for files and then compile them using GHS externally. 

- Please give your valuable suggestions on this approach.


Thanks in advance. S32DS Demo Project for MPC5777C peter vlna  martin kovar greenhills to s32 s23ds power s32gcc multi ghs ghs gcctoghs