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Kinetis and i.MX RT Compatibility and Migration

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Feb 9, 2019
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Hi All


The i.MX RT crossover parts are the natural path for Kinetis projects that need more power (300MHz to 600MHz Cortex-M7 at attractive prices and many peripherals that are well known to Kinetis users). But what is the effort needed to take that step?


This is being experienced with the uTasker port to i.MX RT which allows existing Kinetis project code to run on these higher performance (and sometimes lower cost) devices to migrate more or less at the push of a button.


I have made a first video of the subject showing a comparison of the i.MX RT GPIO / Port Muxîng philosophy (which took a while to get to terms with since it is not GPIO oriented - as I think most programmers think in but rather Pad oriented - probably how the silicon designers view things) and also that a single project code can work on any Kinetis part OR i.MX RT with no more that a couple of define changes!


Without learning curve and no new libraries to get to grips with a Kinetis design solution today can be an i.MX RT reality by tomorrow:


Hope it is of interest to those needing really fast, hassle-free and efficient solutions ;-) And to NXP who would probably prefer their users to have a design on the market now than after the usual months and more of effort and delays.....