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K64F Freedom Development Board Won't Debug Examples

Question asked by Stephen Lowery on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by william fish

Hi, everyone. I'm trying to get started with the NXP K64F Freedom board and I just started going through the examples on the "Getting Started" page listed here


The examples compile, but the debug feature works only very rarely. It will work at first, then when I try to debug again I get one of a few errors including:


1. 17^error,msg="Remote communication error. Target Disconnected: Success."

2. Error in final launch sequence


as shown in the attached images. 




Error in final launch sequence

Failed to connect error



I've had some luck closing MCUXpress and disconnecting the development board, then reopening MCUXpress and reconnecting the dev board, but that only works occasionally. 


Please let me know if anything comes to mind.


Other information: I ordered this board last spring and I some other threads have mentioned updating firmware, so I'm going to look into that and I'll describe how I solved my problem, if I figure it out.