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[NHS3100][tlogger]  "how to nfc-tag field communicate with NFC reader"

Question asked by Firmware Team on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Dries Moors

hi dear all

i am new in the NFC field. i have nhs3100 devlopment kit and i use SDK version:-release_mra2_11_2_nhs3100 with lpc xpresso IDE.

my query is below:-

1) now i want to know how it communicated with NFC Reader or NFC it send temperature data with RTC to Reader or NFC enabled phone. or NFC data exchange between NFC reader and tag.which NHS3100 controller register or isr_handler it is controlled in firmware SDK.

2)which document will explain software SDK and API in briefly.(i have read \release_mra2_11_2_nhs3100\release_mra2_11_2_nhs3100\docs\firmware.html) but still i have to need docs which is simple and briefly about NDEF message.

3)how it possible store more data(another sensor data)  in it flash and EEPROM.can we editing in firmware for extra data storage.

thanks to all in advance.