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Unable to connect OSBDM to dev board

Question asked by 0800200c9a66 on Feb 6, 2019

Previously I had CW 11.1, PEDrivers, and pemicro osbdm toolkit installed. I connected a TWR-S08DC-PT60 via USB and was able to download and debug programs on the target.


Then, I made the mistake of installing Mplab v8.86 to help a coworker with an issue. And now I can no longer download or debug on the TWR-S08DC-PT60.


As you can see in the attached screenshots, CW is able to see the OSBDM on the board, but when I try to download or debug, it just errors out.


I have uninstalled all MPlab and associated applications. I have uninstalled and reinstalled CW11.1, and PEmicro drivers.


I have flashed new OSBDM firmware via the PEmicro firmware update utility to V31.25, and then in CW11.1, it says the OSBDM is out of date so we update to v31.26 thru CW. 


I have not made any hardware / jumper changes to the TWR board from when it was working earlier.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.