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LPCxpresso 54628 I2C slave stop condition issue

Question asked by Mike Spenard on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2019 by Alice_Yang

Hi All,

 I'm using a LPCxpresso 54628 and am running the I2C interrupt driven slave example code. My issue is that, while I see all my data come in on a ReceiveEvent, the I2C callback routine never hits the "kI2C_SlaveCompletionEvent" state despite my I2C-master sending a stop. Which I confirmed on my scope (see attachments).


The code is all untouched from the NXP example code (lpcxprrsso_54628_i2_interrupt_b2b_transfer_slave). And the SlaveCompletetionEvent flag is being passed:


reVal = I2C_SlaveTransferNonBlocking(EXAMPLE_I2C_SLAVE, &g_s_handle, kI2C_SlaveAddressMatchEvent | kI2C_SlaveCompletionEvent);


Any thoughts on why it never hits kI2C_SlaveCompletionEvent ?!