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Systick interrupt causes HardFault

Question asked by Davit Hakobyan on Feb 6, 2019
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I face a HardFault problem when using the LIN master example together with initializing Systick interrupt.

To reproduce the problem one should simply create a LIN master project from the examples using S32 Design Studio for S32K144EVB-Q100 board. Once the project is create initialize Systick like in the figure below:


Systick in LIN master example

So basically the program does nothing except initializing the system and systick clocks (although the problem may persist even without system clock initialization), however, when debugging the program ends up in the HardFault and the SysTick_Handler is never called. The HardFault seems to be triggered when it is time for Systick interrupt to appear.


Changing slightly some irrelevant code may make the program again work (i.e. triggerint Systick interrupt), which points rather to RAM corruption.

Can NXP team confirm this?


Thanks a lot.