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LPC546xx I2S DMA

Question asked by Sergey Lozhechka on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by jeremyzhou

Hi everyone.

Could you explain me next problem.

I try to use "Single buffer" mode for DMA

15.5.3 Single buffer
This generally applies to memory to memory moves, and peripheral DMA that occurs only
occasionally and is set up for each transfer. For this kind of operation, only the initial
channel descriptor shown in Table 305 is needed.
This case is identified by the Reload bit in the XFERCFG register = 0. When the DMA
channel receives a DMA request or trigger (depending on how it is configured), it performs
one or more transfers as configured, then stops. Once the channel descriptor is
exhausted, additional DMA requests or triggers will have no effect until the channel
configuration is updated by software.

So in this case I don not set reload bit in XFERCFGn register but after XFERCOUNT got  = 0x3FF DMA still continue to send data to I2S.


Thank you, Serhii.