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Configuring FCCU while running it on IRCOSC gives configuration timeout error

Question asked by Michael Jihan on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Michael Jihan

Hi all,


I am trying to configure FCCU for MPC5777C. when i configure it after PLL initialization where fm_per_clk = 132MHz

Everything works fine and FCCU gets configured. 

But when i move the same piece of code before PLL initialization such that the system is running on IRCOSC , my code execution gets stuck at the configuration state and CFG_TO_STAT field in FCCU_IRQ_STAT indicates a configuration timeout error (this does not happen when running at 132 MHz). 


my FCCU_CFG_TO is set to its default value 0x6.

and in my config operation right after OP1 execution  i am just enabling faults and alarms for them. in 3 instructions before switching to normal state.