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UCODE 8/8m TAG - brand identifier

Question asked by Elisa Parducci on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Jonathan Iglesias

I'm tring to modify the fw of our UHF reader to read the Brand identifier of tag UCODE8/8m. 


Could you please tell me how to set the parameter of select command? 
According to the standard the select command should be as follow: 
command code: 1010 (4bits) 
Target: xxx (3bits) 
Action: xxx (3bits) 
Memory bank: 01 (2bits) (01=EPC memory to trigger brand identifier) 
Pointer: 8204 (EBV bits) (according the datasheet address= 204h to trigger brand identifier ->8204 for EBV format) 
Length: 00000001 (8 bits) (00000001 to select the activation bit of brand identifier) 
Mask: 1 (variable bits) (activation bit of brand identifier should be 1 to trigger brand identifier at inventory) 
Truncate: 0 (1bit) (0 to disable truncation for brand identifier) 


Could you tell me the correct value of Target and Action to trigger identifier and if all the other parameters are set correctly?