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Setting TX power level in BLE Host stack has no effect on peak current

Question asked by on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by Estephania Martinez



Setting power level in "BLE Host stack QN9080DK MCUXpresso SDK 2.2.0" stack has NO effect on TX advertisement current level, with these two power level the peak current is still 0.9mA:


Gap_SetTxPowerLevel(0u, gTxPowerAdvChannel_c)
Gap_SetTxPowerLevel(255u, gTxPowerAdvChannel_c)


BleApp_GenericCallback(const gapGenericEvent_t* const pGenericEvent)
            case gInitializationComplete_c:
                  /* set TX power */
                  assert(Gap_SetTxPowerLevel(255u, gTxPowerAdvChannel_c) == gBleSuccess_c);
                  assert(Gap_SetTxPowerLevel(255u, gTxPowerConnChannel_c) == gBleSuccess_c);
            case gTxPowerLevelSetComplete_c:
                  /* this is called twice, break point stops here */


Also RSSI on RX side doesn't seem to be correlating.

What am I doing wrong?