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OM13085 User Manual - overdue...

Question asked by Jeff Lloyd on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by Jeff Lloyd

Where is the user manual promised by Embedded Artists for the end of 2018?  I just need to know if a user manual will soon be released (and when), so that if not I can choose another product.


This is non-trivial dev board introduced and sold for some time with NO user manual.  A handful of brief videos does not substitute for professional documentation.  If there were not trouble with connecting the IDE to the debug probe, and if I knew the functions of the jumpers (schematics are insufficient), I might be able to live with it.  So, is there a manual in the offing, or not?  If there will be no manual, I do NOT want the board.


This is not a rhetorical question:  Please reply.