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i.MXRT SDRAM self refresh

Question asked by Lukasz Skrzypczak on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by Victor Jimenez



Is there any special way of putting SDRAM in self-refresh mode ? Currently I'm using

"SEMC_SendIPCommand((SEMC_Type *)SEMC_BASE, kSEMC_MemType_SDRAM, 0x80000000, kSEMC_SDRAMCM_SelfRefresh, 0, NULL);"

command to enter self refresh and combination of commands:

"SEMC_SendIPCommand((SEMC_Type *)SEMC_BASE, kSEMC_MemType_SDRAM, 0x80000000, kSEMC_SDRAMCM_Prechargeall, 0, NULL);

SEMC_SendIPCommand((SEMC_Type *)SEMC_BASE, kSEMC_MemType_SDRAM, 0x80000000, kSEMC_SDRAMCM_AutoRefresh, 0, NULL);"

To exit. Is this proper way of doing this ? And another thing. Is it possible (and how) to put SDRAM in standby mode other than putting core to STOP ?


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