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FlexCAN 64 bits data transmission

Question asked by Sushma Mantagani on Feb 4, 2019


I am trying to send 64 bit data on CAN.

As of now, I'm successfully able to send 8 bits over CAN 

(a) What is the difference between message box and message buffers?

(b) What are the changes in MBs or FIFOs that has to be made so as to send 64 bits data over CAN?

(c) What is the change in the Rx code that has to be made,so as to receive all messages irrespective of IDs and data size?

(d)What are the extra functions that has to be added to the code ( Tn and Rx) to send and receive 64 bits data?


I have attached the CAN Rx and Tx files, Do go through it and tell me the changes that I have to make.


CAN_COMM is the transmitter code and CAN_Rx is the receiver code

The images prints the ID and the messages received over the data line.