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MPC 875 Power on Reset

Question asked by on Feb 3, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I have worked a lot on MPC5xx and some MPC860 processors but I never had an issue like the one I am facing now.

I am giving the PORESET signal to my MPC875 . But instead of starting normal initial operation, it directly enters Debugger mode. Also after receiving the PORESET , the MPC 875 doesn't pull-up the HRESET and the SRESET signal.  I have checked the clockout and every other pin related to the POWER ON reset. But everything is working as expected. I have followed the steps given in the datasheet of MPC875 (eg. Ensuring that the PORESET is asserted for a minimum of 3 usec, checking the RSTCONF pin to be low, MODCK1,MODCK2 pins)

Can anyone please re-tell me the steps in the Power-On Reset of MPC 875?

Any pointers will be highly appreciated. 


Thank you.