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Unable to program image using MfgTool

Question asked by Ashish Pradhan on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by Ashish Pradhan

Generated a Bootable image as below.


C:\SVN\Firmware\Tools\Flashloader_RT1020_1.0_GA\Tools\elftosb\win>elftosb.exe -f imx -V -c ..\..\bd_file\imx10xx\ -o ivt_Route56MCU.bin Route56MCU.axf
        Section: 0x0
iMX bootable image generated successfully


C:\SVN\Firmware\Tools\Flashloader_RT1020_1.0_GA\Tools\elftosb\win>elftosb.exe -f kinetis -V -c ..\..\bd_file\imx10xx\ -o ivt_Route56MCU_nopadding.bin
Boot Section 0x00000000:
  FILL | adr=0x00002000 | len=0x00000004 | ptn=0xc0000006
  ENA  | adr=0x00002000 | cnt=0x00000004 | flg=0x0900
  ERAS | adr=0x60000000 | cnt=0x00010000 | flg=0x0000
  FILL | adr=0x00003000 | len=0x00000004 | ptn=0xf000000f
  ENA  | adr=0x00003000 | cnt=0x00000004 | flg=0x0900
  LOAD | adr=0x60001000 | len=0x0001dc60 | crc=0x2d7b81fe | flg=0x0000


C:\SVN\Firmware\Tools\Flashloader_RT1020_1.0_GA\Tools\elftosb\win>copy "..\..\mfgtools-rel\Profiles\MXRT102X\OS Firmware\"
        1 file(s) copied.


Edit the file name to load in ucl2.xml "MXRT102x-DevBoot" section.

Launch the MfgTool2.exe and start programing. Get error !

Attached is MfgTool.log.


I am able to program successfully the Route56MCU.axf using µVision v5 project. (CMSIS-DAP debugger)