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CAN-FD clocked by FIRC

Question asked by Catosh on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Daniel Martynek

Hi all, 

According to this document (Robustness of a CAN FD Bus System) with a clock of 40MHz the oscillator tolerance range accepted in CAN FD for bitrates from 500Kb/s up to 10Mb/s is in the range 0/0.75%.

Furthermore, to achieve standard baud rates normally an external oscillator of 40MHz is required. 

My question is: 

The CAN peripheral on the S32K1xx MCUs is meant to be used in conjunction with an external oscillator or with an internal oscillator?
FIRC oscillator has a worst case tolerance in the range of the 1% (up to 1.1 above 125degrees).

In K116 the FIRC is the main clock source, the implication here is that is not possible to use the MCU and CAN peripheral for high baud rates without external oscillator - or am I wrong?

Is there some reference or application note from NXP that relates CAN baud rates and oscillator/internal clock requirements?

Any hint in general?

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Please note that uisng two EVB we were able to run correctly CAN-FD examples. Then the validation with other commercial tools has some troubles, hence my question about FIRC and ext osc.