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How to check NXP signature on NTAG413

Question asked by Daniele Ferro on Feb 1, 2019
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I'm trying to check the NTAG413 originality signature. Unfortunately the document “an260412 - AN11350 NTAG Originality Signature Validation (1.2)” concerns only the 32-byte signature validation, provided by other NXP tags.

I have the public key (57 bytes long), the tag’s UID (7 bytes long) and the signature (56 bytes long). I want to check the signature on a microchip based on easy-ecc library, so I should choose a ECC_CURVE (and hence the ECC_BYTES value, among 16, 24, 32, 48), but no value is compatible with my data to correct call this function:


int ecdsa_verify(const uint8_t p_publicKey[ECC_BYTES+1], const uint8_t p_hash[ECC_BYTES], const uint8_t p_signature[ECC_BYTES*2]);


Maybe the easy-ecc is not the proper way to check the signature ?