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MPC5644A hardware interrupt mode can not run

Question asked by Yang Zhao on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by Yang Zhao


      i have problem when debug the MPC5644A for EMIOS[0] use hardware interrupt mode.  the os_INTC_vectors and os_CPU_vectors in osgen.s generated by RTA-OSEK, only enable emios[0],  when debug with Trace32,

every time CPU reset at the entry of OS_INTC_vector table as below, from my understand, it should jump to 0X10330, which is Emios[0] interrupt entry point(0x10000+51x16). but it just jump to 0X10002.

   i also attached the source code for my  INTC config, 

  my question is:

(1)  does the INTVEC register  shows(0000) correct?  what is the correct value for this application.

(2)  could you give me some advise for this issue?


thanks for your help!