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bootable image size 0

Question asked by Arpit Arora on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Arpit Arora

Hello, I am facing an issue using the elftosb tool in Windows.

I want to generate a .bin bootable image (as a precursor to generating the sb file) using elftosb for the Hello World SDK demo project on MIMXRT1060-EVK.


From the flashloader documentation, I have tried executing the following command, but the size of output.bin is always 0.

elftosb -f imx -V -c -o output.bin evkmimxrt1060_hello_world.elf

And here's the bd file I am using. It came with the flashloader release files.

Since this is a program file (and not flashloader), it needs to be loaded into Flash whose address is 0x60000000. Also NOR FlexSPI offset is 0x1000 according to the reference documentation.


I am using QSPI Flash.


options {
flags = 0x00;
startAddress = 0x60000000;
ivtOffset = 0x1000;
initialLoadSize = 0x2000;
//DCDFilePath = "dcd.bin";
# Note: This is required if the default entrypoint is not the Reset_Handler
# Please set the entryPointAddress to the base address of vector table
// entryPointAddress = 0x60002000;

sources {
elfFile = extern(0);

section (0)

The .elf file (attached) was generating in MCUXpressor by changing the artifact extension from 'axf' to 'elf'.


What am I doing wrong here?


I am also attaching the evkmimxrt1060_hello_world.elf.