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Debug and Trace features of LPC1769 (LPC17xx family)?

Question asked by danielholala on Jan 31, 2019
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Hi all,


could anybody please advise on the debug and trace facilities included with the LPC1769 microcontroller?


The LPC176x's fine manual asserts on page 653/658:

"Trace port provides CPU instruction trace capability. Output can be via a 4-bit trace data port, or Serial Wire Viewer." [...]

"LPC176x/5x devices support JTAG and Serial Wire Debug, Serial Wire Viewer, and include the Embedded Trace Macrocell. See Section 33.1 for additional information."

However, the MCUXpresso IDE Instruction Trace Guide claims on page 1/2:

"The MCUXpresso IDE exposes the powerful Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) on Cortex M3
and M4 to focus the generated trace stored in the ETB. [...]

Note that Instruction Trace is not supported with LPC17xx MCUs (which do not implement an ETB)..."


Does that mean that Instruction Trace is generally available on LPC17xx but not supported by MCUExpresso IDE?