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HyperFLASH + HyperRAM on IMXRT1060

Question asked by Peter Janco on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by Artur Petukhov


I need to use alot of GPIO in my future design. So, I would like to replace SDRAM memory with HYPERRAM memory. I need to verify if my ideas about my future design are correct.


IMXRT1060 have two FLEXSPI interfaces:


HyperFLASH memory S26KS512S will be connected to FLEXSPI interface in Octal mode. This memory will be used for system BOOT. This is the same connection as used in reference design MIMXRT1060 - EVK.


HyperRAM memory will be connected to FLEXSPI2 interface in Octal mode.


And optionally I want to connect small nonvolatile FRAM memory to FLEXSPI2 interface in Quad mode.


I want to use HyperRAM as buffer for CSI camera and small FRAM for power-safe write cache for writing data into SD card.


It is possible to connect HyperRAM in Octal mode and FRAM in Quad mode to the same interface at the same time?

What system speed can I expect from this configuration? Will it be simillar to SDRAM speed?