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Re: EIM Bus Performance Limit due to Internal Bus Latency

Question asked by Alex Ivchenko on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by Alex Ivchenko
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I see a very similar issue on i.MX6SoloX CPU. The EIM bus is configured into 32-bit non-multiplexed asynchronous mode - ARD=SRD=0.

When I program registers according to the manual I'm getting around 160ns between successive assertions of /CS line.

I.e. setting RCSA/RCSN to zero, RADVA/RADVN, OEA/OEN and the functionally identical registers for write cycle. With RWSC/WWSC set to 10 I can see a correct read/write cycle. CSREC (CS cooldown) is also zero.

Under U-Boot a delay between successive reads or read/writes is ~160ns.

Under Linux (i.e. with MMU) it growth to 250ns or so.

The read or write cycle is simply a set of consecutive LDR commands from a bus address to a register so I can exclude cache/memory access from the timing

I also tried changing aforementioned parameters to one with a correct extension of the cycle.


The only time I was able to get CS back to back is when I programmed RWSC to be less than OEA+OEN or RCSA+RCSN, for example RWSC=5 while OEA=OEN=RCSA=RCSN=3 which is obviously in violation of the timing diagrams provided.