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Multi Touch Issue in Android 7.1.1

Question asked by Rizwan M on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Rizwan M
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Am facing multi touch problem with IMX6 Dual lite board in android 7.1.1.

we are configuring touch in i2C3 Size 7inch 700X480

LCD Actron Touch with  Driver HY463X

if configure as a multi touch it is not working

XY Coordinates  are changing >>
i also observed some below error in  logcat | grep -nir "InputReader"


(standard input):475:01-01 00:00:29.696   484   516 I InputReader:   Touch device 'hy46xx_ts' could not query the properties of its associated display.  The device will.
(standard input):476:01-01 00:00:29.696   484   516 I InputReader: Device added: id=1, name='hy46xx_ts', sources=0x00001002
(standard input):483:01-01 00:00:29.761   484   516 I InputReader: Reconfiguring input devices.  changes=0x00000004
(standard input):484:01-01 00:00:29.761   484   516 I InputReader: Device reconfigured: id=1, name='hy46xx_ts', size 800x48


Please help to resolve this problem


Best Regards,

Rizwan M