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Dell XPS 12 (9Q33) NXP5442 Windows 10 NFC beep sound but no cards read

Question asked by on Jan 31, 2019

I tried to read a MIFARE NFC card using the XPS 12 built in NFC reader.  Tried with different NFC apps from Windows Store (NFC Kits, NFCReader), but it does not work. If the card (or my cellphone) is near the reader, the laptop plays a nice beep sound, but the apps do not show any data read.  

The device manager shows NXP NearFieldProximity Provider (If i disable the device, the sound is not played any more).

My Windows 10 is Build 1803, the NXP driver version is NXP Semiconductors, 19.04.2013,

Downloaded the driver (HXVH9) from Dell support website:

Title: Network: Intel Near Field Communication Driver
Version: A03
OEM Name:
OEM Version:
Computers: XPS Notebook: XPS 9Q33
OS: Windows ****Bulgarian
Created: 10/15/2013


How can i get the NFC working?