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QN9080 DK board: Confirm QN9080 USB I/F work well when Vcc=1.8V for on-board QN9080

Question asked by Yuan Te Liu on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by Yuan Te Liu
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As I read the schematic of QN9080DK Board and found USB_Vbus seems not connected to on board QN9080, I want to ensure it may work before I do the test...

Condition :
Power Source to on board QN9080 : Lithium Battery

Vcc to on board 9080 : 1.8V

Jumper settings (refering to the QN9080 DK User's Guide, the settings for QN9080)
1. JP7 : 1-2 short (Page 5, item 7)

2. JP16 : Open (Page 24)
3. Remove R48, R49, R50 (Page 24)